Janet's Testimony

May 25, 2013 was the scariest and BEST decision of my life. I was used to failing, and poverty. Since, then, I have learned it is in those moments of fear you must take steps of faith anyway. So, I said YES to HOPE. I said yes to God’s plan for my life. Although it took everything I had to open up to total strangers at Hope Ministries, I did it and I was healed and delivered through the love of Jesus!

I allowed myself to go through a process of grieving and mourning over a failed marriage, a horrific lifestyle, and generational curses that had followed me. 

After a year at Hope Ministries, I walked the stage at college three times in one week to celebrate my GED, my graduation from Mt. Pleasant Police Academy, and my Law Enforcement Certification. I wanted to quit on numerous occasions—I didn’t believe these good things were for me. However, I received nothing but love and encouragement from those at Hope. With their guidance and a lot of prayer, I pushed through. 

Now, my children and other family member are experiencing breakthroughs. We have forgiven each other and we love one another! I am learning to be a good mother, and we continue to heal.  

I have a steady job with the Mt. Pleasant Independent School District working with Alternative school children that I love, and we are in the process of becoming homeowners! Breaking loose from poverty in all areas has been hard, but I realize now that I was created for hard things. I have learned to eat the Elephant of poverty one bite at a time and I look forward to helping others who come to Hope Ministries step into their destinies.