A Word from the Founder of Hope Ministries, Judy Capps

“Don’t chase the dream God gave you; chase the God who gave you the dream.”
— Bill Johnson

In 2010, I had a detailed dream in which God showed me women of all ages living together with children in a peaceful apartment community. They were going to school, taking life skill classes, and working in the community. Different ministry leaders in our community were working with me as we coordinated services to care for these families. God-ordained destinies were being released and, most importantly, the hearts of women and children were being healed by Jesus as they left poverty forever. This was a hand upatmosphere, not a hand out; it was a Kingdom culture filled with honor, value, and love.  

In the dream, God told me He wanted me to take care of these precious ones because they were orphans and widows in His eyes. He gave me two verses:

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress….” –James 1:27 

“May the God of all Hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in Hope.” –Romans 15:13

These two verses would later become the foundation on which Hope Ministries would be built upon and I knew, with clarity, that hosting God’s presence in prayer and worship would be a key ingredient for the success of this ministry.

I wrote the dream down and simply said yes to the Word I received.

A few days later, I received a phone call from Salvation Army. Karla, a single mom, was living in her car with her kids and they wanted to know if I could help. 

I knew this was a God-ordained opportunity and, once again, simply said yes.

That simple yes launched me on a journey where I began learning what it looked like to help single moms, one family at a time.

After praying, I felt God saying, “Give me something I can say amen to.”He was nudging me to reach out to the community leaders I had seen in my dream and ask them to attend a meeting where I could share the vision of helping single mothers with children. They graciously came as I shared the dream with them and then thanked them for coming. 

I knew my only responsibility was to be obedient and declare, out loud, the mission God was calling us to and the rest would be up to Him.

In 2012, a biblical counselor named Liz Robbins moved to Mt. Pleasant from Houston. Liz had been seen teaching in the original dream. I had met Liz earlier through mutual friends and knew she had experience working with troubled children. 

As time went on, Steve and I felt God’s nudging for action again. We began seeking guidance from the Lord, and Steve felt the Lord saying it was time to buy an apartment complex…and we found it in three days.

A local church owned the buildings and had just put them up for sale. After hearing about our dream, they sold us the property at the reduced price we felt God had told us to offer. 

God had made it clear that clean, beautiful living quarters were very important to Him. He didn't want His families living in anything I wouldn’t consider putting my own daughters in.

The apartments were very nice and had everything we needed to grow. 

A culture of honor that is foundational to every part of what Hope Ministries stands for was born. 

The apartments were fully furnished with quality furniture donated through a connection we had with a Christian realtor and an interior decorator, Jane, who became our apartment decorator and volunteer coordinator.

We began remodeling the apartments and placing moms in the apartments upon completion. 

An interesting side note is that prayer intercessors got the word before we ever looked at the property that the "answer was at the cross." When we got there, we were amazed to discover a cross had been bricked into the ends of each apartment building.Also, eight is the number of new beginnings. We purchased eight apartments on eight acres. Hope Ministries is to be a new beginning for single moms and widows. 

We knew we were home.

In 2014, Hope Ministries became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

In 2015, we began praying for a multipurpose building for Hope Ministries. Up until this point, all life coaching took place in my “portable office” which was either in my car in the parking lot or at the local park. God placed the thought in my heart that I would have a multipurpose building for Hope Ministries and would somehow have a way to share this building with the community as a venue to put money back into our ministry.

One day, the building at 1902 W. Ferguson flooded and became vacant. Having previously been the Texas Workforce building, it was just one block away from our Hope apartments and located on one of the main roads in the city. An auction sign was placed on the lawn of the building and I began to feel God saying this was the multipurpose building we had prayed for. The auction was on a Thursday, and I went to the parking lot of the building to pray the Tuesday before. I anointed the doors with oil; prayer-walked around the building, and then sat in my car to listen to the Lord. Suddenly, a friend who lived in another state texted me and said the Lord had put it on her heart to let me know that what I was doing right then was a yes from the Lord and He was going to back me up.

With that confirmation from God, we went to the auction on Thursday and purchased the building in the auction. 

The Lord had clearly given me the name of the building; it was to be called The Landing. 

It took us six months to remodel the building. After opening in June of 2015, the building began serving the dual purpose of housing the Hope Ministries staff office, prayer room, study lab, teaching kitchen, large meeting area, and supply room while also serving our community and being utilized as a venue…just as God had told me! 

In 2016, I began to believe that God had called me to ask Liz Robbins to pray about becoming part of Hope Ministries as our Executive Director in the position I had been serving in. Liz prayed and got a green light from the Lord. The woman I had seen in the dream became my Executive Director for a year. Liz took Hope Ministries to a new level by teaching and pouring into Hope families and children in a way that only she could do.

Between the Hope apartments and the Landing was a block containing HUD housing. In 2015, I felt God leading me to ask about purchasing this housing to help serve widows and more single moms with kids. We went to the HUD and offered to buy the property by faith without any money in the bank for the purchase. What ensued was a two-year faith journey of prayer, declaration, and confirming words from Christians who lived as far away as Washington DC. 

Money began to flow in that we saved for the purchase, even though the property was not yet for sale. We continued to pray by faith and believe despite being told by friends at the HUD that the property might not ever make it out of HUD governmental red tape. Our local HUD wanted us to have it but had been trying, unsuccessfully, to rebuild at another location for over four years. 

In 2017, through a string of God-ordained events beginning with our new Hope Executive Director, Robyn West, in our Texas Capitol. A pathway began to emerge in the office of Senator Bryan Hughes. This pathway took us to Washington, D.C. where we met with Secretary of Federal housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson’s office. 

On June 14, 2017, we received a phone call from our local HUD Director, Steve Martin, offering exciting news. They had been given permission to sell us the desired HUD housing. Complications arose but, with the help of a new, God-ordained friend and contact, Alma Golden, we received an appointment with the National HUD. We met with the National HUD on January 11, 2018 and shared Hope’s model and vision behind purchasing the HUD.

This housing will allow Hope to serve approximately 25 more single women with families and widows in our region state and nation. It will also provide a large playground and activity center and is slated by faith to be released to Hope Ministries in December of 2020.

A faith-based, duplicable model is being born that we are willing to share around the state, nation, and the world. Currently we are working with Brazil, Abilene, TX, Rochester New York and Orlando Florida about the possibilities of using the Hope model there. Hope is a team effort of the body of Christ! God has called, and will continue to call, anointed leaders to do their part for the single mom, the orphan, and the widow...each of which have vision and the ability to dream big with God.

Hope Ministries consists of ateam of believers who carry a spirit of excellence and are artisans in their field. We are surrendering our lives daily to the Lord to do something bigger than ourselves for the sake of those Jesus loves and came to save. 

It is a glorious thing to behold, humbling to watch, and the story of Gods Hope for the single mother in need continues to unfold every single day.

Thanks for joining us on the journey!

Judy and Steve Capps

September 2019